Heartmagz Premium Free Blogger Templates 2020

Heartmagz is a redesigned template that I created for the first time but even though   this template is a redesigned template   , this template makes me feel proud that it is chaotic and causes my mainset to seem like a professional programmer where my behavior sometimes shows off to friends as if it were me who create this template😅.

But since I started redesigning the existing templates, it made me take the initiative "why don't you just try to make your own template?" So from there I started to learn the important points contained in the blogger programming language such as learning HTML, CSS, JQUERY, and JAVASCRIPT. I tried to start looking for basic tutorials on html and css from google search to youtube and finally I found a great people blog that provides various kinds of blogger tutorials such as blog arlinadezgn, igniel, idblanter, and bung frangki. But there is also the main website where I learned about web developer, namely 3schools, there are various tutorials about web designers.

From several existing web blogs, it allows me a little bit to make templates myself and understand the structure and framework of making templates, hopefully in the future I can be   like the great people above who can share my knowledge and experience in the   world of blogging.

You can use this template for free and in full, you can redesign it for free according to what you want and also without a credit link so you don't have to bother looking for the credit link on this blog template.


  •  Responsive
  •  Structured Data
  •  Google Testing Tool Validator (Item)
  •  Personal Blog
  •  2 Column 
  •  Main Navigation 
  •  Auto Readmore
  •  Breadcrumbs
  •  Back to Top Button
  •  Menu Footer
  •  Featured Posts
  •  Post By Label
  •  Recent Post
  •  Related Posts
  •  Shortcodes
  •  Sitemap
  •  Contact Form
  •  Documentation

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